UFC 122/WEC 51

Watching a television program that has already been canceled can be a depressing experience. What happens to the talent — in this case, WEC play-by-play man Todd Harris? Will the ring girl not named Brittany Palmer ever find a job as satisfying? What happens to the gaffer? (The UFC, no matter how large it grows, will never need two gaffers. In fact, I question the need for one.)

Sympathy for the working man might cloud your enjoyment of WEC 52, airing Thursday, but there are a few stories that will reach resolution when the company’s roster is ported over to the UFC beginning next month: UFC 122, airing via tape delay Saturday, has at least one bout with title implications. Between the two, there are at least 10 good fights carrying zero cover charge over the next several days. Remember that when you’re asked multiple times to go see “Unstoppable.”

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